Website design for the BREEDPLAN technology.

BREEDPLAN is an advanced genetic evaluation technology which produces estimated breeding values for beef cattle across a range of traits. EBVs are used to accelerate genetic progress in herds and provide objective information on stock for sale.

The brief was to modernise and develop an intuitive website with informative content, breed login portal and repository for technical notes.

The Search & Login page was designed as a new way of displaying links to breed/society specific links and logins. Previously this information was displayed as lists of hyperlinks on three separate web pages.

Additionally, a searchable repository for technical notes and documentation, called the Help Centre. This has had a great uptake by clients, and improved general understanding of process, and access to templates and other documentation.

Both new functions have significantly improved the usability of the site.

Sourcing photography and copywriting were also part of the project.

The site was built by an in-house programmer using Umbraco.